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Wolftank Group Secures Environmental Remediation Contracts Worth EUR 8.5mn

Wolftank Group (Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG), a leader in environmental engineering and remediation, has announced the acquisition of contracts valued at EUR 8.5 million. This bolsters its position in the environmental services sector.

The company has extended its framework agreement with Kuwait Petroleum Italia, operating under the Q8 brand, for an additional two years. This extension, worth up to EUR 7.7 million, involves soil remediation, waste management, and petrol station management. The activities will be conducted by Wolftank Italy and Petroltecnica.

Moreover, Wolftank's subsidiary Petroltecnica has renewed a three-year contract with the Sarlux refinery for EUR 750,000. The contract entails metal recovery and disposal of spent catalysts, processed at Wolftank's Ostellato plant before final recovery in France.

CEO Peter Werth emphasized, "These contracts highlight our expertise and high standards of service." These strategic agreements reinforce Wolftank Group's relationships and showcase its excellence in environmental remediation and waste management.

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