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ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. Cautions Defense Sector About Use of AI or Inexpert Translation

Leader in professional translation services notes that imprecise translation of sensitive documents can put national security at risk by creating misunderstandings of policies and methods.

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2024 / Businesses and government agencies in the defense sector work on a global stage and often need to translate highly sensitive and critical documents, such as operational manuals and confidential communications. ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., a leader in professional document translation services, advises military agencies, defense contractors and other organizations that using AI translation services or unvetted translators could put national security at risk.

"Entrusting defense sector translations to AI tools or unverified freelancers poses significant risks. Subject matter expert translators are imperative to ensure precision and cultural sensitivity while safeguarding our national interests and the integrity of our defense operations," said Alain J. Roy, founder and CEO of ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc.

Defense industry documents, including manuals, legal documents, and security clearances are highly technical, and every word matters. Generalist translators are insufficient for the task. ASTA-USA always uses translators with industry-specific knowledge, who can speak and write not only in the target language but in the specific terminology of the industry, allowing them to translate specialized defense documents in a source language with precision.

When organizations in the defense sector need quick, professional translations, ASTA-USA can accommodate their urgent requirements while maintaining quality and confidentiality. ASTA-USA demonstrates its commitment to security by following the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, using secure and dedicated web servers, and conducting regularly scheduled confidentiality audits.

With their international presence, defense organizations also must consider cultural sensitivities. AI and amateur translators lack an understanding of cultural and organizational nuance and can disrupt the planning and tone of the original document. ASTA-USA offers expert human translators who comprehend the culture of defense employees and can curate each document carefully with content localization to prevent cultural-centric errors.

Since its inception in 1987, ASTA-USA has been instrumental in providing document translation services for organizations in specialized industries, including legal, medical, aerospace, and defense.

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