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Latinas Leading, LLC Launches Business to Dismantle Career Barriers for Underrepresented Professionals

Dr. Irma Campos pioneers a revolutionary approach to personal and professional development with customized career and leadership coaching for individuals and organizations.

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2024 / Latinas Leading, LLC, a new science-backed coaching and training organization to boost professionals' engagement and productivity, has launched a career counseling service to help break down career barriers for Latinas, Neurodivergent, and other historically underrepresented professionals. Founded by second-generation Latina American Dr. Irma Campos, PhD, Latinas Leading, LLC's unique approach combines advanced psychological training and business acumen to redefine career engagement, purpose, and productivity.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Latinas Leading, LLC creates customized services, including individual career or leadership coaching, group training, and organizational development consulting. Latinas Leading, LLC aims to facilitate increased self-efficacy, leader and employee engagement, goal setting, goal-oriented actions, and organizational productivity.

"The goal here is to really transform the career landscape, especially for historically underrepresented professionals," said Dr. Campos, President and Leadership & Career Consultant at Latinas Leading, LLC. "We fuse science and culture into a powerful tool for professional and personal growth. We offer career, leadership, or organizational development programs to support professionals and help them maximize their potential, well-being, and positive impact."

Standardized or interview-based assessments and coaching identify an individual's strengths and areas for growth. Through coaching with research-based strategies, Latinas Leading, LLC assists people in managing their thoughts and emotions, improving their leadership skills, enhancing productivity and executive functioning skills, and leading culturally diverse teams.

Group training combines research-based didactic and experiential components to enhance leadership or professional development skills and competencies, facilitated by proven learning and development methods.

Organizational consulting services assist senior leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to support Latinx, Neurodivergent, and other underrepresented professionals. Latinas Leading, LLC assesses organizational strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses in creating an inclusive culture.

Dr. Campos was driven to serve others partly due to her experiences of striving for a sense of belonging and identity as a second-generation Latina American woman. Through her parents' resilience as immigrants from Panama, she also learned the importance of remaining connected to one's cultural identity, purpose, and unity with others. She earned a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida, a scientist-practitioner program emphasizing social justice. She was trained in doctoral-level statistical analyses, psychology, and qualitative analyses.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Campos has over 14 years of experience as a consultant and psychologist. She has designed and implemented consulting programs to improve workplace performance, mental health, and inclusivity. Dr. Campos has published peer-reviewed journal articles and appeared on Tampa's Bloom TV, Todo Tampa Bay, Psychology Today, and other media outlets to discuss how people can improve their careers, academics, and psychological well-being.

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Latinas Leading, LLC aims to dismantle career barriers using research-based coaching and training, serving the United States and abroad.

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