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ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. Cautions Defense Sector About Use of AI or Inexpert Translation

ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. warns that imprecise translation of sensitive documents may jeopardize national security. Businesses and government agencies in the defense sector often need to translate critical documents like operational manuals and confidential communications. The company advises against using AI translation services or unvetted translators to prevent misunderstandings of policies and methods.

"Entrusting defense sector translations to AI tools or unverified freelancers poses significant risks. Subject matter expert translators are imperative to ensure precision and cultural sensitivity," said Alain J. Roy, founder and CEO of ASTA-USA.

Defense industry documents are highly technical, and precision is vital. ASTA-USA employs industry-specific translators who are proficient in the specialized terminology of the defense sector. This ensures accurate translations of specialized documents.

ASTA-USA is committed to maintaining quality and confidentiality, accommodating urgent requirements, and following security protocols. They emphasize the importance of cultural understanding, which AI and amateur translators often lack, in preventing cultural-centric errors.

Since 1987, ASTA-USA has provided document translation services for industries including legal, medical, aerospace, and defense.

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